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Fe Engineer @ Apple's H1B Salary 2023

52 records was found, Median Salary is $176904.5. 25 percents of the salary are above $200K, 63 percents of the salary are between $150K and $200K, 12 percents of the salary are between $100K and $150K, 0 percents of the salary are less than $100k

<100k0% Complete (success)
100k-150k11.538461538462% Complete (success)
150k-200k63.461538461538% Complete (warning)
>200k25% Complete (danger)
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER124,405SAN DIEGO, CA06/06/202306/12/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER124,405SAN DIEGO, CA03/13/202309/05/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER130,354WEST LAKE HILLS, TX08/24/202302/21/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER136,200ORLANDO, FL11/15/202305/13/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER145,539WEST LAKE HILLS, TX03/07/202304/01/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER148,658CUPERTINO, CA05/30/202306/05/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER150,509WEST LAKE HILLS, TX04/14/202308/13/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER150,509WEST LAKE HILLS, TX06/13/202312/05/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER151,216WEST LAKE HILLS, TX07/11/202301/08/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER151,216WEST LAKE HILLS, TX07/10/202307/17/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER151,902CUPERTINO, CA05/30/202306/05/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER151,902SUNNYVALE, CA06/08/202311/07/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER151,902CUPERTINO, CA02/28/202307/27/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER153,504CUPERTINO, CA08/15/202302/14/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER153,504CUPERTINO, CA09/01/202302/14/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER153,504CUPERTINO, CA11/07/202304/04/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER158,281CUPERTINO, CA03/16/202307/25/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER159,023SANTA CLARA, CA01/05/202306/14/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER164,000CUPERTINO, CA02/13/202308/10/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER166,500AUSTIN, TX04/14/202310/10/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER166,500SAN DIEGO, CA04/14/202309/26/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER166,500WEST LAKE HILLS, TX03/28/202306/14/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER171,406CUPERTINO, CA08/04/202302/02/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER173,056SANTA CLARA, CA04/20/202309/19/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER173,056SANTA CLARA, CA03/09/202309/01/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER176,468WEST LAKE HILLS, TX02/24/202307/18/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER177,341CUPERTINO, CA03/30/202304/03/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER177,341SANTA CLARA, CA04/04/202309/30/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER178,445ORLANDO, FL01/03/202303/25/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER179,000CUPERTINO, CA06/26/202312/22/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER179,800WEST LAKE HILLS, TX11/03/202304/20/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER180,003CUPERTINO, CA09/13/202303/09/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER180,003CUPERTINO, CA12/26/202305/02/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER180,003CUPERTINO, CA08/22/202301/23/2024
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER185,032AUSTIN, TX01/27/202304/27/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER193,949WEST LAKE HILLS, TX02/08/202306/22/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER194,809SANTA CLARA, CA02/07/202307/28/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER199,040SUNNYVALE, CA02/23/202308/01/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER202,452CUPERTINO, CA01/23/202307/25/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER203,974SANTA CLARA, CA01/11/202305/15/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER204,091AUSTIN, TX02/23/202307/13/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER204,091WEST LAKE HILLS, TX02/23/202307/13/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER204,091WEST LAKE HILLS, TX02/23/202307/13/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER208,000SAN DIEGO, CA06/22/202310/26/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER210,896CUPERTINO, CA02/13/202308/10/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER215,000CUPERTINO, CA03/09/202308/22/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER217,591AUSTIN, TX01/12/202306/22/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER230,000CUPERTINO, CA03/06/202307/06/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER235,000CUPERTINO, CA02/27/202307/17/2023
APPLE INCFE ENGINEER254,938SUNNYVALE, CA03/20/202308/10/2023

This website indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL).
Prior to filing an H-1B petition with the USCIS, an employer must file an LCA with the DOL.
An LCA is used by employers as supporting evidence for the petition for an H-1B visa.
DOL disclosure data does not indicate the employer's intended use for the LCA.

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