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Security Engineer

EPITEC - Plano, TX

Epitec POSITION: Security Engineer JOB TYPE: Contract role LOCATION: Plano, Texas JOB SUMMARY FOR SECURITY ENGINEER: * Epitec is looking for a Security Specialist to join the team of an American ...

Software Engineer

EPITEC - Waterloo, IA

Epitec POSITION: Software Engineer JOB TYPE: W2, Contract LOCATION: Waterloo, Iowa JOB SUMMARY FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER: * Works on a product team and supports product design by planning its work ...

Manufacturing Engineer

EPITEC - Louisville, KY

Epitec POSITION: Manufacturing Engineer JOB TYPE: Full-time, Contract LOCATION: Louisville, KY JOB SUMMARY FOR MANUFACTURING ENGINEER: * The Final Assembly Manufacturing Engineering Program ...

Java Developer Contract

EPITEC - Burlingame, CA

Epitec POSITION: Java Developer JOB TYPE: Full-Time, Contract LOCATION: Redmond, Washington JOB SUMMARY FOR JAVA DEVELOPER: * Consumer Device Software Engineer RESPONSIBILITIES FOR JAVA DEVELOPER

Dotnet Developer

EPITEC - Dearborn, MI

Epitec POSITION: .Net Developer JOB TYPE: Full-time, W2 Contract LOCATION: Dearborn, MI JOB SUMMARY FOR .NET DEVELOPER: * Technical support and development position. This app provides quality control ...

Technical Project Manager

EPITEC - Dearborn, MI

Technical PM - background in working with engineering embedded software and/or AI/ML product development teams * Proficient in agile methodologies and able to function as a scrum master

User Interface Designer

EPITEC - New York, NY

POSITION: UI Designer JOB TYPE: UI/UX Designer III LOCATION: New York, New York JOB SUMMARY FOR UI DESIGNER: * Production designer that has experience supporting Design Systems. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ...

Project Engineer

EPITEC - San Jose, CA

Epitec POSITION: Project Engineer JOB TYPE: Full-time, Contract LOCATION: San Jose, CA JOB SUMMARY FOR PROJECT ENGINEER: * The Data Insights and Foundation team is looking for passionate and ...

Software Engineer

EPITEC - Allen Park, MI

JOB TYPE: W2 Ongoing Contract LOCATION: Allen Park, MI JOB SUMMARY FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER: * Transform the future of multi-cloud solutions to meet the challenges of next generation applications. We ...

Human Resources Generalist

EPITEC - Sunnyvale, CA

Epitec POSITION: HR Generalist JOB TYPE: Full-time, Contract LOCATION: Sunnyvale, CA JOB SUMMARY FOR HR GENERALIST: * The HR Generalist is responsible for performing various HR-related duties and ...

Clay Designer

EPITEC - Oak Grove, OR

Epitec POSITION: Clay Designer/ Sculptor JOB TYPE: Full-time, Contract LOCATION: Portland, Oregon JOB SUMMARY FOR CLAY DESIGNER/ SCULPTOR: * Clay Modeler Automotive, * • Provide professional level ...

Metrology Engineer

EPITEC - Redmond, WA

Epitec POSITION: Metrology Engineer JOB TYPE: Full-Time, Contract LOCATION: Redmond, Washington JOB SUMMARY FOR METROLOGY ENGINEER: * The main function of a metrology engineer is to test and debug ...

Product Owner

EPITEC - Dearborn, MI

Skills Required: * Work closely with product partners to understand their product vision, and break it down into a measurable backlog for the engineering development team * Work hands-on with the ...

Software Engineer

EPITEC - Taylor, MI

Epitec POSITION: Software Engineer JOB TYPE: W2, Contract LOCATION: Taylor, MI JOB SUMMARY FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER: * This request is to fill a Software Engineer position(s) on the Enterprise ...

Mainframe Developer

EPITEC - Menlo Park, CA

JOB SUMMARY FOR MAINFRAME DEVELOPER: * The main function of a full stack developer is to code for both front and back-end programming. The typical full stack developer will be able to design user ...

Technical Recruiter

EPITEC - Allen Park, MI

JOB SUMMARY FOR RECRUITER: * A great client of ours is seeking a Technical Recruiter with 3 to 5 years of experience. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR RECRUITER: * Provides professional recruiting assistance ...

Project Manager

EPITEC - Richardson, TX

REMOTE , there is not a specific date for return to work, however, this person is expected to come on set in a flex capacity 3 day on 2 days remote. Possible to receive 60-day notice with the return ...

Plain Language Content Strategist

EPITEC - Detroit, MI

BACKGROUND The Plain Language initiative seeks to fundamentally shift the way the company communicates with its members and group customers, and by so doing, improve the member experience and cut ...

Training Specialist

EPITEC - 33470, FL

JOB SUMMARY FOR TRAINER: * Seeking a Trainer in Jupiter, Florida (FL) with eLearning experience. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR TRAINER: * Conducts thorough and complex operational analysis with the client(s ...

System Analyst

EPITEC - Detroit, MI

* Support production application and processes. * Build queries and generate reports as per the requirement * Communicate with vendor partners. * Analyze and Identify recurring failures in production ...