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Accountant @ Klichs Llp's H1B Salary 2022

19 records was found, Median Salary is $50000. 0 percents of the salary are above $200K, 0 percents of the salary are between $150K and $200K, 0 percents of the salary are between $100K and $150K, 100 percents of the salary are less than $100k
We found the records are from 1 employers:
    Klichs Llp ...
We found the records are from 1 job titles:
    Accountant ...
We found the records are from 5 cities:
    Duluth, San Diego, Houston, Fort Lee, Los Angeles ...

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KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT45,740DULUTH, GA04/23/202010/01/2020
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT46,360SAN DIEGO, CA03/18/201509/16/2015
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT49,660SAN DIEGO, CA04/23/202010/01/2020
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT49,840HOUSTON, TX04/23/202010/01/2020
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT54,000FORT LEE, NJ10/06/201601/01/2017
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT46,800DULUTH, GA03/06/201909/04/2019
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT47,902SAN DIEGO, CA03/22/201609/21/2016
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT48,069SAN DIEGO, CA07/19/201608/01/2016
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT48,610DULUTH, GA04/07/202110/01/2021
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT48,610DULUTH, GA04/07/202110/01/2021
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT50,024SAN DIEGO, CA02/23/201808/23/2018
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT50,086HOUSTON, TX03/03/201709/01/2017
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT51,584SAN DIEGO, CA04/07/202110/01/2021
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT52,042HOUSTON, TX03/06/201909/04/2019
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT53,000HOUSTON, TX12/22/202001/11/2021
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT58,344FORT LEE, NJ03/06/201909/04/2019
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT58,344FORT LEE, NJ03/14/201909/04/2019
KLICHS LLPACCOUNTANT62,067FORT LEE, NJ04/07/202110/01/2021

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